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You should consider a few factors when choosing a good slot machine. If you like long play sessions, go for penny slots. Read about different slot features and learn how to choose the best slot machines.

Best Microgaming Slots

Microgaming is one of the top leading providers in the online gambling industry.  For 15 years the Microgaming team have produced award-winning software solutions and to date feature more than 160 industry-leading casinos worldwide.  Microgaming Slot machines stand out with their smooth playability, excellent graphics and wide variety of themes and designs.  If players would like to try microgaming slots online, register at any Microgaming casino with an instant play version and enjoy your favourite slots directly through your browser.  Playing slots is very engaging especially if you find an interesting machine with absorbing video games and high quality graphics.  Popular movie, books or comic characters can be found on the reels of Microgaming machines such as Tomb Raider, Hell Boy, Thunderstruck and many more.

Best Penny Slots and Their Extra Features

Microgaming slots contain different features such as Progressive Jackpots, Free Spins features, Video Bonus Games, Multipliers, Expanding Wilds and many more exclusive extras.  When choosing a slot machine, players must look for slots that feature the availability of different coin denominations.  Penny slots is one of the most popular slot machines asthey have numerous betting options.

Penny slot games considerably lessen the risks of gambling and essentially contribute to responsible gambling.  Since penny slot bets are comparatively low, players can take advantage of the long playing sessions while accumulating their winnings.  Penny slots have a wide variety of features such as Progressive Slots, Video Bonus Slots, Free Spins machines and much more.  When playing the penny slot machines players must remember that the payout depends on the total bet.

Players have an advantage when playing a Progressive Jackpot as they hit at random and will reward players irrespective of their total bet.  Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck and Lord of the Rings can be played on one penny slot machines and their distinctive feature is the amount of winning lines. 

They do not feature paylines at all but there are 243 ways to win.  Players will win every time a Scatter Symbol of one kind appears anywhere on the reels.  It's almost impossible to spin the reels without triggering a winning combination.  Slot machines work on a random numbers generator which means slots do not have any payout patterns and the winnings depend solely on the players luck.



Online vs Traditional Slots | Getting started with Slots | Best Slots To Play | Biggest Jackpot Slots | Home

Last Updated 26 April 2018
Best Penny Slots